Wedding Reception Information

Wedding Information

Wedding Reception Menu

Please let us know if you would like to create something different to our above listed menu….maybe you have special dietary considerations, or must have favourite foods. Should you wish to enjoy a buffet style dinner, please ask our wedding co-ordinator for this menu.

Winter Deals

We offer a winter discount of 5% off Wedding Reception package prices during June and July,& during the month of August. Minimum numbers may be negotiated during winter.

Wedding Cake

Cake bags are to be supplied by the client if required. The bottom tier of the wedding cake unless otherwise advised, will be sliced and served on a platter.

Children and Band Meals A special meal for children under 12 can be arranged, it consists of a children’s main meal, ice cream and soft drinks for duration of evening @ $45.00 each.

Meals for DJ’s, bands and photographers are charged @ $40.00 each and consist of a main meal and soft drinks. The band meals are served after your guests have been served their meals. Alcoholic Beverages for the band/DJ, unless otherwise advised, will be added to your account.

Room Access for your Wedding Reception

Whenever possible we will try to accommodate your room access requirements for your Wedding Reception. Please liaise with our wedding co-ordinator.Please ensure Cake box is labelled and ask your cake decorator whether it may be placed in our cool room.

Table Layout

Tables seat a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 people. Our Wedding Co-ordinator will assist you with a floor plan to best suit your needs. A suggested table layout will be provided to you at our meeting prior to your Wedding.

Place cards Once your table seating plan has been finalise, please group your place cards for each table together and place each table in a separate envelope. Indicate on each envelope the table number and the number of people seated at that table and the order that you wish them to be seated. Our staff will place the cards on the tables for you.

So What Do I need to do?

  1. Place a Wedding Reception booking.You may place a tentative booking initially, please read our terms and conditions for confirmation of booking requirements.When you have confirmed your Wedding Reception booking…
  2. Contact our Wedding Co-ordinator (at least 6 weeks prior) to your wedding and make an appointment to select your menu and finalised all arrangements including your table layout. You should allow approximately one hour for this appointment.
  3. Seven days prior to your Wedding Reception, we require the following details to be finalised: final guest numbers, full payment of all package & sundry expenses
  4. One day prior to your Wedding Reception, we require the following details to be finalised seating / table plan guest list by table number guest and bridal party place cards any other items being placed on the tables eg: Sugar coated almonds, gifts, speciality chocolates, etc.